Vegan Chickpea Brownies Grain-Free


Here is an article about vegan chickpea brownies recipe

Small Batch Brownies: Preparation

Small Batch Brownies: Preparation

Brownies are one of the other best and tasty food. Everyone loves to eat brownies. Mainly it is a favorite food for all of the children and mostly we are in a huge rush in our life. Everyone is very busy in their life.

Blonde Brownies For The National Blonde Day Celebration

Blonde Brownies for the National Blonde Day Celebration

Happy National Blonde Brownie day! The day when we recognizes a treat mostly referred to as blondies. Brownies are not just brown and chocolatey.

If you’re curious about the blonde brownies, well, they are just similar to the traditional ones. However, instead of using cocoa, brown sugar is being used. Thus, it gives us that satisfying, sweet molasses flavor. Some people actually love adding chocolate, or white chocolate chips to such brownies. Others love butterscotch, nuts and toffee. Usually, this kind of brownies are prepared unfrosted, since the brown sugar is already sweet enough.

However, in order to add some more pizzazz to these blonde brownies, caramel sauce and sundaes can be garnished on the top. If you think you have had enough traditional brownies and just want to have something a bit different, but still hits close to home, then it’s time for you to bake these delicious blondies.

Black Bean Brownie Recipe – Easy Baking Steps

Black Bean Brownie Recipe – Easy Baking Steps

Are you experimental enough to try the black bean brownies? If you want a “healthier” version of this amazing dessert, then it’s best for you to bake it now!

Are you looking for some food that is absolutely healthy and full of antioxidants, fiber and protein? When it comes to these health benefits, beans somehow comes first on the list. Black beans, in particular are native to America and has been consumed since time immemorial.

What You Need To Know About Black Beans

Black beans are a good source of fiber, not to mention that it helps in lowering down the cholesterol levels. The fiber content helps in maintaining the right sugar levels in the blood, while keeping your energy on a steady level. Aside from that, it also provides fat free and good quality protein. By simply including these beans into your diet, it will give you a feeling of being full, but without adding more fat into your body. Most of the high fiber foods will definitely make your brain and body feel full.

Moreover, aside from the unique properties, black beans is also rich in anthocyanins, which makes the pigment more black. Thus, this beans help in improving vision, it protects the circulatory system and also prevents degenerative diseases. So, given that black beans are full of health benefits, will it make a good brownie as well? As a human being, we want something healthy without compromising the flavor, right? So, here’s how to make the best black bean brownies for you.

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