Sugar Cookie Recipe – Tips To Remember -

Sugar Cookie Recipe – Tips To Remember

Sugar Cookie Recipes – Important Tips to Remember

Are you in the mood for something sweet? Well, there’s a lot of easy sugar cookie recipes for you to choose from. They come in different shapes and sizes.

Sugar cookies could be as simple as drop cookies, a drop of dough on the cookie sheet, or can be as delicate as those cut out cookies with icing. The question is, which sugar cookie recipe are you going to pick? Which one will give the best result? Basically, most recipes for sugar cookies only use the same list of ingredients, with some added spices. It all comes down to the quantities of the ingredients and on how you treat the dough.

Sugar Cookie Recipe – Tips To Remember
Sugar Cookie Recipe – Tips To Remember

Keep in mind, every ingredient has their own role and tweaking the quantity will absolutely give you a different cookie. So, what makes the sugar cookie, a sugar cookie?

What You Should Know About The Ingredients

  • Butter- butter does not only add flavor. It makes the cookie more tender and prevents too much gluten to form. It also lets the cookie spread some more. However, if you mix it more and add more flour, the cookie will be tougher and not pleasant to eat.
  • Flour- it is the main ingredient that gives sugar cookies the structure. When mixing flour in the liquids, it will form tough strands of gluten.
  • Egg- the yolks do its part for a tender cookie and the white is the one helping for the cookie’s structure, not to mention that it also adds moisture.
  • Baking soda- this makes the cookies brown faster.
  • Baking powder- you want to make sure that your sugar cookies rise, so, please do not forget about the baking powder!
  • Vanilla- vanilla is important for boosting the flavor and makes all the difference.
  • Salt- salt enhances the flavor and toughens the cookie as well.

What To Keep In Mind When Handling The Dough

Sugar Cookie Recipe – Tips To Remember
Sugar Cookie Recipe – Tips To Remember

When making easy sugar cookie recipes, the ingredients are not the only things that matter. The way you handle the dough will absolutely affect the final result of the cookie.

  • When it comes to making any sugar cookie recipe, you need to know that over-creaming the butter and sugar will make the cookie fluffier. It will not also spread as much, which is absolutely perfect to cut out the cookies and keep its shape.
  • If you mix the flour and wet ingredients together for a long time, it’ll make the cookie tougher. So, keep in mind not to over mix if you want the sugar cookies fluffy.
  • On the other hand, if you want to roll the dough, then keep it in the fridge until it is firm enough.
  • Once the raw cookies are shaped, you can also keep them in the fridge for a while, so you could keep its shape while they are being baked.
  • Now, before you start baking, it would always be best for you to have the best sugar cookie recipe you think you’ll be able to work on. You can absolutely tweak them according to your liking.
Sugar Cookie Recipe – Tips To Remember
Sugar Cookie Recipe – Tips To Remember

If you want to be fancier, you can get some colored icing and design the cookies. You can surely get your kids to help you with this activity. You can buy pre-made icing or make your own, the world is totally yours for the taking when baking a particular sugar cookie recipe.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your sugar cookie recipe now, gather all the ingredients and the materials you’ll need and have some fun in the kitchen!

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