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Edible Cookie Dough- Heaven In A Jar

Edible Cookie Dough- Heaven In A Jar

The world is now a much better place. Why? Well, the edible Oreo cookie dough is here to stay. The Cookie Dough Café made it all possible for everyone us!

When I was a kid, mom told me to avoid eating raw cookie dough, as they might have salmonella in it. I was a polite kid back then, so I always obey my mom. However, I was always curious about how it tastes like. My friends have been always excited whenever they hear the words “cookie dough”. I used to be the one who didn’t have any idea of why this particular dough is hyped up.

Now, my curiosity has ended. Simply because The Cookie Dough Café made a very smart move to offer every one of us the gourmet edible cookie dough. My heart is crying! Finally, finally! I’ll be able to eat cookie dough, without any negative thoughts in my mind. What’s good about this is that, I can eat them anytime I want! Simply put, cookie dough in a jar. How convenient that can be?

Edible Cookie Dough- Heaven In A Jar
Edible Cookie Dough- Heaven In A Jar

As what the brilliant owner claims, these doughs are very much safe to consume unbaked. All ingredients are absolutely safe, even the flour used in every recipe. We need not worry about salmonella poisoning. The dough can be bought online or simply directly at their store. As mentioned, you can buy them in a jar, or get a scoop or two. Awesome, right? The Cookie Dough Café offers many different flavors for everyone to enjoy. Here’s what you need to know:

Chocolate Chip

The original, the undefeated and considered the best by many. This dough is loaded with mini chocolate chips made of real cocoa. A burst of joy in a jar? Yes, indeed!


For all the Oreo lovers, this dough is the best one for you. It’s loaded with Oreo chunks. I paired it with a scoop of ice cream and I felt heaven here on earth!


The Monster Dough is a mixture of oats and creamy peanut butter loaded with M&Ms and chocolate chips.

Confetti Cookie Dough

Edible Cookie Dough- Heaven In A Jar
Edible Cookie Dough- Heaven In A Jar

Birthday celebration? Get yourself a confetti cookie dough. Basically, it’s a sugar cookie dough with the birthday cake flavor.

Naked Dough

If you don’t want all the extras, and just want to go plain today, then the Naked Dough suits you best. You can eat it as it is, or if you’re feeling fancy, then mix it with your own goodies for a unique taste.

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Dough

This dough is for those who are allergic to gluten but still want to taste the goodness without guilt. The Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies Dough is creamy, it doesn’t contain eggs and can be eaten right in.

Edible Cookie Dough- Heaven In A Jar
Edible Cookie Dough- Heaven In A Jar

I have tried the Oreo cookies dough and it tasted so awesome and finished the jar in a very short time. Believe me, no trace of guilt. I only felt bad when I had to scoop the last spoonful of the dough. So, I guess, it’s high time for another jar. Honestly, I want to taste all of the flavors offered. So, that’s what I’ll be doing!

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