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Butter Cookie Recipe

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Everyone loves cookies, whether you are a kid who comes home after school or a man who comes to the home in the evening after hours of tireless work. A butter cookie can make you all happy and make you feel like home. It’s the old grandma trick to make her grandchildren do something for her or to show her affection towards them. Today we are going to give homage to grannies decades-old cookie recipe. So ready up your stomach for some delicious and sweet cookie recipe, which will make your mouth watery and end up making you beg for more.

Butter Cookie Recipe

Butter Cookie Recipe

Health Benefits Of Butter Cookies

If you are the one who’s a bit diet conscious, then we have some good and healthy things to tell you about cookies. Given below is the list of health benefits that you get when you a butter cookie. So provide them with a bite.

No Genetically Modified Food

Yes, in 2019, there are many food products and dishes that have been genetically modified to taste and look good, but that’s not the case of our butter cookies. As a result, cookies come under non-GMO foods 

Butter Cookie Recipes Have A Great Nutritive Value

Cookies while being delicious to your taste buds are also quite nutritious. Moreover, these cookies don’t contain any artificial sweetener or preservatives. Thus, even if your child is stealing one from the jar, its nutrition, he’s stealing from your kitchen, and you should be happy.

No Gluten

Some people cannot digest the food which contains gluten, and those cookies are a blessing as they are gluten-free. 

Feed Your Protein Requirement With Delicious Cookie Recipe

If you work hard and spend most of your time working, it is fair to say you in some way or the other you might be missing the protein that you need to keep your body healthy and fit. By taking cookies every once in a while can help you regain your protein levels as it’s rich in protein.

Furthermore, cookies can help you fix your tissues by making new ones. 

The Butter Cookie Recipe 

Now once we know the benefits of eating cooking and let’s find out how you can make one at home.

The Ingredients

A single cup of butter

2 ⅔ cups of all-purpose flour

1 single cup of white sugar

¼ teaspoon filled with salt

At last, you need 1 egg

Butter Cookie Recipe

Butter Cookie Recipe

Preparation Of Butter Cookie Recipe

Take a large bowl and cream together the white sugar and the butter until the mixture gets fluffy and light. After that, you need to beat the egg in it and stir in the vanilla. In addition to it, mix up the flour and salt and then stir it to the sugar mixture. Finally, cover your dough with a plastic wrap and give it a rest for one hour.

Now let’s move to the second step where you need to preheat your oven for up to 400 degrees F. On the other hand, press the dough on the ungreased, cookie sheets.

Finally, bake them for about 10 minutes in your preheated oven until you see a golden brown color starting to come up on the edges. And remove your cookies from the sheets and let them cool down on the wire racks. That’s it your cookies are done and ready to serve

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