Birthday Party Ideas: Serving Cakes With Sprinkles

Birthday Party Ideas: Serving Cakes With Sprinkles

If you are looking for birthday party ideas, consider serving cake sprinkles. Sprinkles are great for children’s birthday parties because it is a fun way to keep the birthday cake edible. If you don’t think you will be able to prepare enough cake for the guests, just add a little sprinkle on top. Who knows, the birthday child may even make a friend or family member.

Using Sprinkles

With this type of cake, it is not necessary to heat the sprinkles in the oven, although that would be more convenient. Some people are intimidated by the idea of sprinkles, so they choose to just buy pre-made icing, but there is no need to be overwhelmed by this method. There are several methods of making icing and sprinkles with an icing bag, a squeezable icing bag, or even your own hands. You can also freeze your sprinkles and thaw them in the freezer for later use. Just make sure that you get all of the ingredients and supplies that you need before you make the decorated cake.

The next step is to make the sponge, which will be the base of the cake. Pre-wet the sponge if you wish to have some whipped cream. Coat the cake with an egg wash. Using a non-stick cookie sheet or greased baking sheet will help you avoid the splatter of melted chocolate on the sheet when you decorate your cake.

Birthday Party Ideas: Serving Cakes With Sprinkles
Birthday Party Ideas: Serving Cakes With Sprinkles

Let your cake dry completely, and then decorate it with your favorite decorations. Use a sugar sprayer or regular cookie for extra messy icing. Another option is to use some paper decorations from a wrapper. Cutout white letters and paint the sides of the cookies or paper cups using colored icing. Print them on and bake them in the oven.


It is not necessary to cook the frosting in the microwave, either. Simply chill it in the fridge. The frosting will stay soft and smooth. In fact, you can use it for other things as well. After putting your cake in the fridge, you will find that you can easily frost the rest of the cake yourself. If you can make the cake and frost it, you can easily decorate it.

It is easy to decorate with edible art. You just need a glass bowl decorated with icing. Sprinkles are not required, but they are a lot of fun. So, why not add some?

Sprinkles should be added about one-quarter of the way through the frosting process. This is because the frosting will soften and become smooth. You can also add some on the cake when you decorate it. However, you may need to add more sprinkles if you put your sprinkles on after the frosting has started to dry.

Birthday Party Ideas: Serving Cakes With Sprinkles
Birthday Party Ideas: Serving Cakes With Sprinkles

If you decorate the cake with white frosting, the cake will look less white. The white frosting makes the cake appear heavier, so try to match the color of the frosting with the color of the cake. Using dark frosting will make the cake look lighter.


If you are in a bind for decorative pastel colors, try mixing crayons. You can either use the colors mixed with powdered crayons or just mix the colors together with a small amount of crayon and then apply them to the cake. There are other ways to make the cake look nicer without using any icing or sprinkles.

To make the cake moist and golden brown, use some lemon drops. Put a drop of lemon oil in a bowl, cover it with hot water, and wait until it’s completely cooled down.

Bottom Line

This is a great technique for making the cake moist without having to use any oils or spreads. Also, for a baby shower, try adding a few drops of red food coloring, using lemon oil, or red icing for a simple but classy touch.

A party needs decorations, so enjoy experimenting with the many different ideas above.

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