11 Easy No Bake Healthy Dessert Recipes

Many of use love to eat sweet, but cannot understand which one to go for. To solve this problem I have listed some easy no-bake healthy dessert recipes.

Ice Cream Sandwich

You will need chocolate chips, kit kat, dairy milk, Oreo biscuits (crushed), vanilla ice cream. In a container mix everything except ice cream. Once everything is mixed add in the ice cream and mix well, now set it in the freezer for 3-4 hours and enjoy.

Oreo Cake

In a bowl beat heavy cream, powdered sugar, and vanilla essence until stiff. Now take a baking pan and spread a layer of Oreo biscuits on it. Now evenly spread the cream mix on top of the biscuits, repeat till 4 layers and refrigerate for 4 hours and serve.

Oreo Cookie Balls

A simple and tasty treat just mix some crushed Oreo biscuits with cream cheese and make a ball-like shape. Now dip the ball in melted chocolate and you are done.

Square Confetti

Grease an 8”-x-8” baking pan with cooking spray. In a double boiler melt chocolate chips, and peanut butter together. Turn off heat and stir in vanilla and a pinch of salt. Stir in marshmallows then pours in a pan to set it and refrigerate.

11 Easy No Bake Healthy Dessert Recipes
11 Easy No Bake Healthy Dessert Recipes

Oatmeal Cookie

In a saucepan melt together sugar, cocoa powder, butter, and milk over medium heat, bring mixture to a boil and let boil for a minute. Remove the pan from heat and add a spoonful of peanut butter, some salt, and oats. Drop tablespoons of mixture onto parchment paper and let set until cooled and hardened.

Chocolate Strawberries

Simply take fresh strawberries and dip it into chocolate sauce and freeze.

Mango Ice Cream

Take ripe mangoes and pure it. In a bowl beat heavy cream and condensed milk till stiff, add in the purée and mix well. Add small cubes of mango and refrigerate it for 6 hours.


11 Easy No Bake Healthy Dessert Recipes
11 Easy No Bake Healthy Dessert Recipes

In a large mixing bowl, add milk and vanilla pudding mix. Beat it for 2 minutes and allow it to rest. the mixture will turn thick, beat further if necessary. In a clear plastic cup (or a small mason jar) add a layer of the vanilla pudding and top it with an even layer of crushed graham crackers. Repeat to make 4 layers and decorate as per your preference.


All u need is ready to eat cake, instant coffee and whipped topping. Place the instant coffee in the hot water and stir, let it cool for 5 minutes. Now in a clear glass put a layer of cake put in the coffee mix so that it becomes moist then add whipped cream and then add coffee mixture on top. Repeat till 3 layers and decorate.

Biscuit Cake

Crush some hide and seek biscuits mix it with melted chocolate, keep it aside. Now in a bowl place some cookies and spread the chocolate mix on top. Repeat until three layers and garnish with chocolate chips.

Nutty Brownie

In a food processor grind the chocolate wafers into fine crumbs. Add chocolate, vanilla, and kosher salt; pulse, until smooth. Transfer the mixture into a prepared pan and press slightly to make an even layer. Top the mixture with some nuts and press into the mixture, then sprinkle some sea salt. Freeze until firm and serve immediately, cut into squares.

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